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Master the pulse of the city

Chalkida stands out for its unique natural beauties, its glorious history and its friendly people. It is only 75 km away from Athens and the capital of Evia island.

Chalkida is the cross-road between Evia and mainland Greece. In the Euripus Strait, the Old Bridge brings together two different worlds, giving Chalkida an extraordinary vibe. This is a city of playful contradictions and endless choice. The scenery changes as each season succeeds the other, creating a colourful canvas of experiences.

The continuous turn of the water currents in the Euripus Strait, brings a unique pulse to the everyday life of the city that carries away each visitor.

Chalkida Today

The Euripus Strait and the Old Bridge may be Chalkida’s primary points of reference; still the city is full of historic monuments and buildings that reveal its exciting history dating from the ancient years until now.

Major Not-to-Miss Attractions

  • Karababa Castle (Kanithou): Read More
  • John Skarimbas Tomb, located outside the Fortress of Karababa
  • Archaeological Museum of Chalkis Read More
  • Early Christian Basilica of Agia Paraskevi and Aghios Nikolaos
  • Mosque Emir Zade and marble fountain of the same era
  • Roman Aqueduct
  • The Red House
  • The House with the Statues
  • The City Hall
  • Folklore Museum housed in the only remnant of the famous city wall
  • Central Public Library
  • Cultural center – Art Workshop
  • The Historical Archive of the Kriezotis Manor house
  • Tower siren (remnant of the medieval fortifications of the city)
  • The Court house
  • House Street Children and the House of the Venetian Baili Halkida
  • The Wine Museum Tzivanis – Ritsona
  • Roman palaistra at Chalkis
  • Avlideiou Temple of Artemis Read More
  • The phenomenon of Euripus Read More

Famous Beaches:

Alikes Beach:

Just 7 km away from the hotel, 10 minutes by car, is the lovely beach Alikes or Hippocampus the local name. Read More

Asteria Beach:

The beach located in the heart of the city of Chalkis at a distance of 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Read More

Adventure Tours on Evia Island

If you are a city cycling fan, if you like mountainbiking, either keen on boat tours, or a wine lover this is the place you should be.

Visiting local beaches and go siteseeing on you bike, get thrilled for cycling along ancient wineroutes, medieval castles and alpine forests, Evia has it all ,there is no better place than Chalkida and the surrounding historic villages to live your Greek dream. All you have to do is choose between :

Tour No 1 : Cycling / Coast to coast sublime beaches of Chalkis

Total length : 23 km
Total Elevation Gain : 100 m
Duration : 3-4 hours Read More

Tour No 2 : MTB / Vineyards & Mountains of Chalkis

Total length : 36 km
Total Elevation Gain : 571 m
Duration : 4-5 hours Read More

Tour No 3 : Boat Tour / Visiting the Englishman’s island

Duration : 4-5 hours Read More

Tour No 4 : Wine Tour / The Vineyards of Evia

Duration : 5-6 hours Read More

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